Monday, January 2, 2012

Waiting For Labor to Begin

I hate waiting for labor to begin.  With all three pregnancies I have been dilated at least 3 cm at least a week before labor.  With my first the doctor broke my water to help get labor started all most a week past my due date.  I was dilated to 5 cm for several weeks before.  Labor contractions began about four hours later and my son was born about five hours after the contractions started.  I did not have any drug to induce the contractions or an epidural.
My second labor started on its own at 38 and 1/2 weeks.  I was already dilated to 3 cm for several days before it started and it lasted less than four hours.  I delivered in triage after only being at the hospital for 15 minutes.  I changed into the hospital gown and got on the bed for the nurse to check me.  She was asking if I wanted medication as she was checking and before I could answer she said, "never mind, you are already at 9 cm."  I could not wait any longer.  I had to push.  Two or three pushes later the nurser was holding the baby.  I am glad that there were no rooms available at my doctor's office at the time or I would have delivered in the doctor's office.
Now I am 39 weeks along with my third pregnancy and waiting and wondering if today is the day.  I have had some cramping and contractions with little or no pain, but no real signs of labor.  I was dilated between 3 and 4 cm at my last doctor's appointment.  I can't sleep well and the only thing I can think about is when is this baby coming.  My stomach feels so big it could explode.  The doctors are estimating that she will be between 7 and 8 lbs, but she feels huge to me.  My first was 8 pounds 2 ounces and my second was tiny  only 5 pounds 13 ounces.  I think that this baby is going to be really long.  She has already dropped and her bottom is still in my ribs.
Here are my questions:  How did you cope with the last few weeks of pregnancy?? and What was your first sign that labor was beginning?


  1. I always was (and am again this time at 7 weeks to go) miserable those last few weeks. I had to be induced with Haven and Owen. I am really hoping to go into natural labor with this one! But we will see! Good luck! :)

  2. oh wow! i can't believe how quick your labors were, even if you did go late. my first sign of labor was six days early, when my water broke. but eliza wasn't born for 27 more hours. hoping the next one doesn't take quite as long...maybe i'll actually be able to do it naturally then. we'll see.

    and i completely sympathize with feeling like you're going to explode. no matter how big or little they are, it still amazes me how they can fit inside us at all. :)

  3. I wish I knew what it was like to just go into labor. I delivered Taylor almost 2 months early via an emergency c section. They did try to induce labor with me and I did end up having major contractions, however my bp went up and his heart rate went down so a c section 7 and a half weeks early it was.

    1. So sorry...I hope momma and baby are doing well now.