Monday, March 12, 2012

Owing My Own Business

I have always wanted to own my own business.  I contemplated accounting, but that seems too boring and not at all easy to do with little ones running around.  I tried daycare, but that wasn't ideal either...long hours with little pay.  Currently, I am very interested in cloth diapers.  I have thought about starting my own retail store, but the start-up costs are way too high.  My latest thought is a cloth diaper service...delivering fresh clean fluffy diapers to clients each week.

There are not any services in the Lafayette area.  I have heard that there is one in Indianapolis that will service this area.  I just wonder if the population is large enough in Lafayette/ West Lafayette, Indiana for a cloth diaper service.  There would still be some start up costs, but not nearly as much as a retail business.  I could expand into a retail with a store front later. 

Any thoughts??  


  1. Try putting out some ads or something requesting if there is need for it. I personally think a cloth diaper service is weird as one of the benefits of cloth diapers is to save money and a diaper service takes that away. But I really am not sure about it.

    A retail store could be cool. You could start with very few things. The girl that runs Abbys Lane started with enough product that filled a bookshelf and then branched out from there. You would just want to stock necessities and not every diaper out there until you get going.

    1. Actually based on the information I have gathered, you can still save money by using a cloth diaper service...just not as much as if you do it yourself. I think the largest customer base would be those who are environmentally conscience rather than financial.